Who We Are

We are a group of Nigerian healthcare practitioners from a diverse background and specialization who are committed to ensuring real change in the healthcare system of Nigeria.

We provide care at home and abroad, teaching of colleagues, residents and medical students, and support infrastructural developments at different levels as may be necessary. We have no doubt that we can contribute tremendously to support the government and the Nigerian public in concrete improvements of our poor health indices.

Our entire group of doctors have solidly committed to deliver their contributions in any way possible to see significant change in healthcare practices in Nigeria.

What We Do


We Find & Fund

As agents of change, we are very passionate about social causes, and occassionally find causes that we can support as a group. 


We Build Strong Networks

We are a diverse group of professionals from different backgrounds across various specialties practicing in Nigeria and in the diaspora. We are able to leverage on this network to help. 


We Strengthen Capacity

Through various initiatives, we strengthen the capacity of our members and non members especially through teaching of colleagues and medical students. 


We Educate

As medical doctors, part of our duty is to educate. This we do through various community outreaches and via our social media platforms. 


We Provide Holistic Care

Our core function as physicians is to provide quality care. Within our network are specialists who assist in providing various levels of care to patients. 


We Consult

We are also able to assist in healthcare projects through consultation and advisory services. 

Impact Stories

“I have always been an advocate for change and collaboration. I was glad to discover a group like doctors for change. Their vision is a beautiful one and has won me over to their causes”. 

Dr. Ronald Ikpe 

 Founder, MRI Media 

“I am delighted to work with this incredible and amazing group of doctors. They have created a positive impact in the Nigerian healthcare narrative.”

Dr. Ngozi Onuoha, MBBS, MRCP(UK), MD, MBA-HCM
Primary Care Internist/Geriatrician and Digital Marketing Consultant.

Doctors For Change successfully procured different types of personal protective equipment, and delivered to the ARD members of Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano.